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Blue Knights Alabama I (Birmingham)
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Recruitment posters

Items with AL I logo only available to AL I members.  SORRY!

If there is something you would like to be embriodered and offered here then let Jay know.

Alabama I items for sale:

Black Ballcap: $15  See Jay

AL I White Ballcap: $15 See Jay

Black Al I T: $15 See Jay

Blue AL I Pocket T: $15 See Jay

Al I Pin: $6 See Eddie

AL I Tag: $6 See Eddie

BKAL1 Crest & Rocker: $40 See Jay

We are the opposite of the 1%'er.  This is our way of showing that.  This is designed to go on the front of the vest.  It is 2 inches square.

99 % Patch

With so many new chapters forming, the chapter charter patch is a way to recognize the founding members of the chapter.  It is designed to go over the patch that International supplies with your membership.  It has the same navy blue border that the new International patch uses.  The white outside the patch is just so that you can see the shape of the patch.  It is 3.75 inches long.

Chapter Charter Patch

Classified Ads

Jay has available:
Caps $15
T-Shirts $15
Rockers and Crest $50

Eddie has:
Chapter Pins $6
Chapter Car Tags $6

Danno has:
Pinback locks $6

Upcoming Events